Curriculum, Instruction and
Professional Development Services Division

The staff of the Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development Services Division (CIPD) provides an array of professional development services and programs to districts and to educators throughout the county. The programs focus on curriculum content, instructional strategies, assessment, technology integration and professional development. The Division organizes its services around the following three strands: 

  • School and Program Support Services;
  • Instructional Services; and
  • Leadership Development Services

The following list is representative of the variety of services available to our clients:

  • School Improvement Planning assistance  
  • Workshops and courses that satisfy Act 48 and Act 45 requirements 
  • PDE information and initiative support conduit 
  • On-site professional development
  • Consultation services 
  • Induction 
  • Strategic planning guidance
  • Supervision and evaluation support  
  • PSSA preparation and administration information 
  • Data tools and resources including data-driven decision making
  • Curriculum development and councils
  • Assistance in developing instructional delivery strategies
  • Coordination of county-wide student events
  • ESL 
    Programming for each strand is provided through: workshops and academies; courses for continuing professional education and graduate credits; and job-alike councils. Specific offerings are customized to meet the needs of individual schools and districts.

 Department Contacts

Donna Gaffney
Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development
Phone: 610-755-9311
Fax No: 610-630-7950
Kendall Glouner
Assistant Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development
Phone: 610-755-9336
Fax No: 610-630-7950

Stephanie Schwab
Project Associate/PIIC Mentor
Phone: 610-755-9369

Sarah Misner
ESL/Training and Consulting
Phone: 610-755-9475

Lois Winton
Phone: 610-755-9315