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Montgomery County Intermediate Unit 

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 Please note that ALL registrations must be done online

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Click here to go directly to the MCIU Online Registration System:

  Online Registration System   


The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit's Online Registration System requires you to have a Username and Password.

First you must determine if you are:
    1. District MyLearning Plan Users: You use that same Username and Password.
    2. Returning participant users: You already created an account and you use the same Username and Password.
    3. New participants: You will create an account with a Username and Password.
If you forget your user name and password send and email to:
You can retrieve your password automatically at:

To access your MyLearningPlan account logon to:

Click here for a printable version of: MCIU Online Registration Instructions 

To search for course or workshop:

  • Use search term field – type in the first few letters of title; click “Search Catalog”; then scroll down  for results. You can also search by date.  

To get detailed information on the course/workshop/event:
  • Click on the workshop/course/event title to review detailed information 

To Enroll: Select "Click to Enroll” and choose the link that applies to you
  • “I’m a registered user” - Select this option if you have already created a personal account in MyLearning Plan (MLP).
  • “I’m a new user” - Select this option if you do not have an account yet. Provide all of the information requested on the form. By completing this form you are establishing an account with a username and password that is at your discretion. Please keep your username and password in a secure location for future reference. 
  • "I'm a user" - Select this option if you work for a district that uses MLP and you have a district account with
Follow the on-screen prompts:
  • Most courses are offered as CPE credit or Immaculata Graduate credit.  Each district’s requirements are different for reimbursement so double check with them for the proper selection.

  • For workshops, all required fields must be completed before submission. 

Complete registration:
  • Review the Terms and Conditions. To complete your registration you MUST click “Agree”.  You will receive an email notice that your registration is completed.  If a course or workshop is cancelled you will receive an email notice.

Using your MyLearning Plan account you can: 
  • View all past and current registrations
  • Print a receipt for a paid course
  • If you need to cancel a course/workshop your must use the “drop” feature
  • Answer HELP questions
IMPORTANT: Keep your profile up to date to ensure you receive information related to changes and cancellations of workshops, courses and events.  Always check your email for information related to courses and workshops.

Contact Lois Winton at or 610-755-9315.