George, John Speaker, Regina Landis_Brad
Dr. John J. George
Executive Director
Dr. Regina C. Speaker
Executive Director – Elect
Dr. Bradley C. Landis
Assistant Executive Director
Edling, Sandy Viletto, Tina 2 Acosta, Holly
Sandra M. Edling
Chief Financial Officer and
Director, Office of Business Services
Valentina G. Viletto, Esquire
Director, Office of Community and
Government Relations
Dr. Holly Acosta
Director, Office of Early Childhood Services
Hurd, Jack Gaffney, Donna Lourea-Waddell, Brittany
Jack Hurd
Director, Office of Human Resources
Dr. Donna Gaffney
Director, Office of Professional Learning
Dr. Brittany Lourea-Waddell
Director, Office of Student Services
Kennedy, Gail Rebecca Fogle
Gail Kennedy
Director, Office of Technology Services
Rebecca Fogle
Director, PA Technical and Training
Assistance Network East (PaTTAN-East)