The Office of Professional Learning (OPL) focuses on intentional, inclusive, instructional design as the catalyst for education transformation in Montgomery County schools and districts. Our office provides a broad range of dynamic, effective, and valued programs to serve both educators and students. Workshops, academies and courses are designed to be experiential and are reflective of current, relevant trends in education. When there is a need for individualization, personalized consultation and customized professional learning are also available.



Highlights of our distinctive relationships and services include:

  • Comprehensive/Continuous Improvement Planning
  • Consortium Pricing
  • Educational Leadership
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Montgomery Virtual Program (MVP)
  • The PA SEED Ecosystem
  • Wilson Language Training




The Office of Professional Learning (OPL) Team:

Gaffney, Donna Dr. Donna Gaffney
Director of the Office of Professional Learning
Holley Moyer, Assistant, 610-755-9460
Christine Butterfield, Assistant, 610-755-9391
Webb, Mike Dr. Michael Webb
Assistant Director of the Office of Professional Learning
Lisa Cullen, Registrar, 610-755-9315
Lisa Moore, Assistant, 610-755-9319

Program Administrators:

Brandon Langer Instructional Technology 610-755-9324
Amber Molloy Literacy/PIIC Mentor 610-755-9435
Stephanie Schwab STEM 610-755-9369
 Johnna Weller Professional Development 610-755-9456