The Pennsylvania Hybrid Learning Institute (PA HLI) is an organized group of teachers, administrators and subject-matter experts seeking to create a more student-centered approach to learning. Its mission is to improve student achievement in Pennsylvania by providing teachers with diverse instructional methods and smaller, more manageable student group sizes to deliver personalized, focused instruction using real-time data.

The hybrid-learning model combines up to three methods of learning into one classroom; instruction from teachers, group activities, and self-instruction through digital content. In hybrid classrooms, teachers work with smaller groups – personalizing instruction and creating more one-on-one time with students. With this approach, research shows that teachers can increase student engagement while motivating children of all ages and ability levels to succeed.

Formed in 2011 as a partnership between PA intermediate units and Dellicker Strategies, the PA Hybrid Learning Institute currently supports schools with planning and implementing hybrid learning across the state. MCIU has been affiliated with this initiative since its inception five years ago and provides the following supports:

  • Deliver and customize professional development to meet the needs of the teachers, administrators, and support staff
  • Provide hybrid learning instructional coaches to support teachers
  • Work with partners to facilitate funding opportunities in support of the initiative
  • Leverage strategic partnership with vendors to provide consortium pricing of digital content, hardware, and technology-related purchases
  • Provide an MCIU single point of contact for districts looking to work with the PA Hybrid Institute initiative

Hybrid learning incorporates the best educational strategies by blending traditional and digital learning in the classroom to customize a student’s education and improve academic achievement.