The Office of Student Services has two main departments: Preschool (Early Intervention) and School Age. The Preschool (Early Intervention) office is responsible for providing services to eligible young children ages three to age of beginner through an agreement with the Department of Education. Preschool children are eligible for early intervention services that exhibit a developmental delay of 25 percent or a disability and require specially designed instruction.

School age programs and services are provided to children ages 6 to 21 who have one of the 13 defined disabilities and need specially designed instruction. The Special Education Division partners with the 22 school districts of Montgomery County, institutions, or places of employment. The school age programs and services fall into three broad areas: Classroom programs, Itinerant programs (a staff member works with the individual student) or services which are dependent upon a particular area of expertise (i.e. Assistive Technology, Behavior Management, Professional development or District program reviews).

The entire Office of Student Services has one main goal: Student achievement and success for students with disabilities throughout their school career and beyond graduation. This goal is accomplished through collaboration with the students, other divisions within the Intermediate Unit, parents, school districts and community agencies. The Office of Student Services provides best practices through innovative programs and services delivered by outstanding staff and leaders. We continually work with our parents in various parent organizations, workshops, or trainings. In summary, the Office of Student Services focuses on providing programs and services to students with disabilities ages 3 to 21 through a variety of state and local partnerships. All partnerships are geared for student achievement and success.

Department Contacts

Robinson, Lois   Dr. Lois Robinson
Director of the Office of Student Services
Debbie Conaway, Administrative Assistant,
DeLuca, Maria   Maria DeLuca
Assistant Director of the Office of Student Services
Christine Butterfield, Administrative Assistant,
Lourea-Waddell, Brittany   Dr. Brittany Lourea-Waddell
Assistant Director of the Office of Student Services


Robin Boehning Program Administrator, Student Services 610-755-9422
Jill Christopher Program Administrator, Student Services 484-808-2479
Georgine Fronczak Program Administrator, Student Services 610-635-2400
Mary Grace LaPlaca Program Administrator, Student Services 610-755-9494
Gail Katch Program Administrator, Student Services 610-755-9389
Lorinda Moyer Program Administrator, Student Services 610-755-9413
Cheryl Wise Program Administrator, Student Services 610-755-9424