The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit Office of Student Services provides educational and support services to students with disabilities by working cooperatively with school districts, local education agencies, institutions, places of employment, and individuals in the community.

The following is a list of programs and services provided by the Office of Student Services of the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.

Specific programs and services are as follows:

Classroom Programs

Autistic Support Classroom Program – Elementary
Autistic Support Classroom Program (ABA) – Elementary
Autistic Support Classroom Program – Secondary
Autistic Support Classroom Program – Social Communications – Elementary
Communication and Learning Classroom Program – Elementary
Emotional Support Classroom Program – Middle Level
Emotional Support Program at The Anderson School
Hearing Support Classroom Program – Elementary and Middle
Intensive Emotional Support – K-6
Multiple Disabilities Support Classroom Program
Vision Support Classroom Program – Elementary

Consultative Services
Adapted Physical Education and/or Health Consultation
Assistive Technology Consultative Services
Auditory Processing Consultation
Autism Support Specialist
Behavior Management Specialist
Cochlear Implant Consultation
Competent Learner Model Specialist
Consultation Team
Emotional Support Specialist
FM System Consultation
Inclusion Specialist
Mental Health Services
SETT (Student, Environment, Tasks, Tools) Meetings
Vision Technology Consultation

Evaluation Services
Audiological Evaluation and Consultation
Auditory Processing Evaluation
Bilingual Psychologist – Spanish
Bilingual Speech Evaluations – Spanish
Cultural Language Free Evaluations
Functional Hearing Evaluation
Functional Vision Evaluation
Neuropsychological Evaluations
Occupational Therapy Evaluations
Physical Therapy Evaluations
Psychiatric Evaluations
Psychological Services
Speech-Language Evaluations
Speech-Language Evaluation for Students with Hearing Impairment

Itinerant Services
Audiological Services
Hearing Support Itinerant Services
Instruction Conducted in the Home
Occupational Therapy Itinerant Services
Orientation and Mobility Itinerant Services
Physical Therapy Itinerant Services
Speech and Language Itinerant Services
Vision Support Itinerant Services

Secondary Transition Services
Apartment Program
Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES)
Travel Training
Work Exploration, Training and Experience

Secondary Transition – Specialized Services
Adult Training Facility Placements
COMPASS Summer Program
Situational Assessment
Vocational Evaluations

Summer Services
Extended School Year (ESY)
Extended School Year for Students with Emotional Disturbance
Summer Transition Program

Supplementary Services
Adapted Physical Education (APE)
Assistive Technology Device Setup/Customization/Support
Assistive Technology Resources Center
Assistive Technology Training – On-site
Audiometer Calibration Program
Classroom Acoustic Measurements
Data Support
District Contracted Services
Health Education and Nutrition Classes
New Special Education Teacher Training Program
One-to-One Teaching Assistant
Professional Development Opportunities for Paraeducators
Social Skills Group Lessons
Social Stories Groups
Social Worker Services
Transportation Services
Vision Technology Trainings