• Assist families and professionals of school aged students with special education needs by providing educational and networking opportunities so that they are able to make informed decisions to meet the needs of the students.
  • Help disseminate local, regional, state, school, and community based special education services, seminars, and informational opportunities to the community.
  • Identify local needs and systemic issues and forward them to the State Task Force.
  • Assess services and programs for school age children with special needs, making recommendations for their improvement, expansion or discontinuation.
  • Foster collaboration amongst public and private agencies which provide special education services.
  • Recommend solutions for identified areas of concern and develop an action plan to affect positive change.
  • Assist the administration in carrying out the rules and regulations growing out of the Right To Education Consent Agreement.
  • Review Intermediate Unit and District Special Education Plans and make recommendations which will help assure that they meet the needs of school age children with special needs.


Parents are important and meaningful members of the Local Task Force.  Membership of the task force must consist of 51 percent consumers (parent, guardian or surrogate of school-age children with disabilities).  Persons are eligible for membership upon attending 2 LTF meetings of the current school year.  Also serving on the Local Right to Education Task Force are concerned citizens and representatives from:

  • Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
  • Local school districts
  • The Arc Alliance
  • ODP & Office of Mental Health
  • Local and regional special education service providers


Each Local Task Force meets no less than five times per year.  Our Right to Education Local Task Force meetings are free and include:

  • Parent Input
  • Networking
  • Communication with local school districts and community providers
  • Dissemination of resources
  • Discussions and presentations on current issues within local special education

We encourage you to be involved with our Local Right To Education Task Force and voice your concerns about special education issues in your school district and highlight the positives within your school district.

Chairs & Co-Chairs:

Co-Chair – Sandy Katz, Methacton Parent
Co-Chair – Cecelia Lee, Upper Merion Parent
District Representative – Kate Pacitto, Director of Pupil Services, Pottsgrove
Montgomery County Intermediate Unit Representative – Dan Currie, Assistant Director of Special Education
Local Task Force – 610-755-9350 (please leave a message) or www.mciu.org/ltrf