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The Anderson School mission is to provide a supportive environment where our students can experience academic success and independence. In collaboration with families and districts, students are taught skills that foster productive and caring citizens. The Anderson School nurtures the development of positive relationships, self-regulation, and self-advocacy skills within our students to succeed in college, career and in their community.

Program Features:

  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Strong collaboration between students, families, community leaders and referring school districts
  • Blended learning environment, combining computer technology, on-line content, and digital communications with traditional direct instruction
  • Ongoing communication with parents/guardians
  • Transition services for post-secondary education or employment
  • Student council & opportunities for student leadership
  • Regularly scheduled presentations by the business community and support groups
  • Web based video streaming and multimedia technology, including SMART Boards
  • Team building exercises & activities
  • Gymnasium with weight room