All news releases to the media must be approved by the building principal and submitted to Pottsgrove Communication Board.
Please submit your suggested news releases below. When you hit submit, the information will be forwarded to your principal
and other district communication staff.

Thank you very much for your story ideas. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive newspaper or newsletter
coverage for your submission. A number of factors influence coverage including timing, space and content. We have
no control over the local newspaper and limited space in the district newsletter –but, we need your story ideas
and hope you will continue to submit them!

District Story Guidelines

Current Date:  3/2/2015
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District Story Guidelines - What Makes A Good Story?
                                             Who? What? When? Where? Why?

-> Readers love to hear about good things happening in schools – this means everything from profiles on students, to
school-wide successes, to programmatic or curriculum improvements.

-> Stories that take readers into the classroom are often more interesting than stories that simply state facts.
The more you can paint a picture or set a scene, the more likely you are to get the reader’s interest.

-> Stories about individual students are usually popular, but especially so if they can be tied to a school-wide
trend or positive event/happening.

-> Consider stories about staff, as well – not just teachers, but bus drivers, secretaries, etc. –
who make a difference in students’ lives.

-> Stories that highlight things that are unusual, innovative, or new are always more interesting than stories that
simply feature routine events. For example, stories about the annual field trip to a local pumpkin patch are not
nearly as interesting as stories about a new or creative project that students are doing in one of their classes.

-> However, some routine or annual events do merit coverage because they are part of the school district culture.
The way to make these more interesting is to include quotes from students who are involved, many who may be
experiencing these for the first time.