The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit Online Instructional Endorsement Program was developed in partnership with the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit, and is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Successful completion will lead to PDE Online Instruction Endorsement on PDE Certificate.

A New Cohort is starting soon. For any questions please contact Lois Winton at 610-755-9315 or

About OIE

The program is offered completely online, with each of the four courses being 8 weeks in length. The program is mostly asynchronous, but each course will include at least two meetings when learners must be online at a specific time for a whole class session to build community and collaboration.

Cost: $600 per course (Act 48 credit)

Program Admission Requirements
Course Descriptions

Course 1: Introduction to Online Instruction
Introduction to Online Instruction is the introductory course for the program and a pre-requisite for all other courses. It includes the basics of online teaching and learning, comparison with a traditional face to face class, learning management systems, components of an online class, standards and best practices of online teaching and learning, and the teaching and learning process in an online class.

Course 2: Design and Development of Online Instruction
This course will provide leadership, modeling, support, and resources that would allow for the design and implementation of effective OLI education for all students. The key components of this course are designing and developing an online class with differentiated instruction and focusing on the uniqueness of the learner and his/her learning. Learners will explore and learn about Virtual Learning Community, resources, copyright information, and navigation panels to develop various activities in an online class. Learners will also plan and implement an online class in their classrooms as a part of a practicum experience.

Course 3: Facilitating Online Learning
This course will focus on facilitating an online K-12 learning environment, with a focus on designing an interactive instructional design model through a participatory learning environment. This learner centered approach helps prepare the course participants for the real world. Participants will apply knowledge of standards, design processes, and the implementation of best practices for K-12 online learning. Grounded in technology standards, participants will learn to create authentic, applicable, differentiated lessons, assessments, and assignments.

Course 4: Assessment, Advanced Technology, and Emerging Trends
This course will focus on assessment strategies, emerging trends, and advanced methods for online learning. This final course will build upon the first three courses of the program and all learners will complete a capstone project to demonstrate their learning from the entire program.