Intensive Emotional Support Program serves children and their families in Montgomery county providing special education services including social emotional learning/social skills instruction, and academic instruction.

The primary goal of the Intensive Emotional Support Program is to provide a therapeutic environment with the support and structure for students who have been identified as requiring emotional and behavioral interventions. The school offers a strong academic curriculum based on the current Common Core and Pennsylvania Department of Education State Standards. Through the combined efforts of academic instruction and counseling support services, students can improve academic success, develop positive coping and leadership skills, gain positive socialization and interpersonal skills, and reduce problem behaviors.  The ultimate goal is to help each student develop the necessary skills to return back to their home school.


A wide variety of educational approaches and techniques are used within the Intensive Emotional Support Program to develop academic and behavior skills.

  • Highly incentive-based program utilizing a school-wide token economy of rewards and positive behavior interventions and strategies
  • Social Emotional Learning Curriculum utilized in the program include Zones of Regulation and Second Step Program (Social Learning).
  • All staff are trained in Safety Care (Verbal De-escalation techniques)
  • Academic Curriculum that are used in the program are the following: GO Math!, Reading Wonders, Wilson Fundation, Reading A-Z to assess students on academic achievement.
  • Progress monitoring (daily, weekly, and bi-monthly) to monitor student progress for both academics and behaviors.
  • Programs such as mindfulness, yoga, and pet therapy are utilized to provide a therapeutic environment.
  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) – This is a method of identifying the function which an inappropriate behavior serves for a child in order to teach a more acceptable way of expressing that needs. This evaluation leads to the development of IEP goals and objectives.
  • The program staff consists of a teacher, a teacher assistant, Board Certified Behavior Analysis, Licensed Social Worker, school psychologists, and an onsite Program Administrator.
  • Behavioral Health Services (BHRS) – Our staff consults and collaborates with BHRS providers to encourage consistency in interventions across environments and generalization of skills. We can also provide referrals for these services.
  • An onsite full time Licensed Social Worker – conduct social skills group session, provide individual counseling, assist families with referrals and links to outside services needed to support your child’s development, such as BHRS services, doctors, dentists, appointments, etc.
  • An onsite full time BCBA-Implement individual and classroom-wide strategies and interventions to increase adaptive behaviors and the development of functionally equivalent alternative responses. Collect, monitor, graph and analyze student data, and support parent training as a part of a team, to facilitate the use of appropriate supportive strategies within home and community settings.