Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Forms

As per our subcontract agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Office of Business Services of the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit monitors the IDEA ‘District Flow Through’ Funds for all Montgomery County School Districts and eligible Charter Schools.  Please use the links below to access the IDEA Final Expenditure Report forms and the IDEA Budget Forms.

View the following links:

2020/2021 IDEA/Section 611 Budget Documents

2020/2021 IDEA/Section 611 Final Expenditure Report Forms

2020/2021 IDEA/Section 619 Budget & Final Expenditure Report Forms




All questions on IDEA Final Expenditure Report and Budget completion should be directed to the following individuals:

Jonathan Alessi
Assistant Director of Business Services
Phone: 610-755-9341

Vanessa Diaz
Federal Program Specialist
Phone: 610-755-9440