The MCIU and WHYY partnership will bring content aligned resources to MCIU Early Intervention classroom students across the county.

Students in each EI Special Education Classroom will receive:

  • A grab and go box with content related materials that align STEAM activities to WHYY programming. Boxes will be used between home and school to extend classroom instruction Boxes include:
    • Adaptive crayons, scissors and pencil
    • Glue, and construction Paper
    • Curious George Wind book
    • Stylus for ipad and smartboard extensions
    • Wind exploration tools: Feather, tube, bubbles, sensory ball
    • WHYY programming guide and curated resources aligned to PBS and WHYY
    • Digital TV antennas to connected to WHYY

Teachers in the program will receive:

  • Instructional coaching on program implementation including lesson plans and learning guides
  • Professional development on STEAM activities in preschool EI


Curious George Videos
Click for more resources from The Curious George STEM Collection