Speaker, Regina

Dr. Regina Clare Speaker has served in various capacities as a classroom teacher, school district administrator, intermediate unit administrator, assistant superintendent, superintendent and currently Executive Director of Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.

Prior to Dr. Speaker’s role as the Executive Director of MCIU, she was the Superintendent for the Great Valley School District, and Special Assistant to the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education, the PA Department of Education. In addition, she has served as a graduate instructor and staff-development provider for school districts, universities, and businesses.

Dr. Speaker holds certification in the areas of Elementary Education, Special Education, Reading Specialist, Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal, Supervisor of Special Education, Intermediate Unit Executive Director, and Superintendent., as well as certification in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She began her career as a high school science teacher in Shenandoah Valley School District in 1986 and has expansive classroom experience at various grade levels in both regular and special education. In addition, Dr. Speaker is an experienced educator of adult learners in diverse settings.

Dr. Speaker has presented both locally and nationally on educational topics, including leadership, data-informed decision making, motivation, classroom management, effective instructional practices, inclusion, and effective communication.