Remedial instruction in basic reading and/or mathematics skills is provided to students in the nonpublic schools through a comprehensive program of referral, diagnosis, prescription, and instruction by a staff of remedial specialists employed by Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.

When a nonpublic school administrator requests remedial services under Act 89 during the Annual Needs Assessment, a systematic process begins that results in direct remedial help to students who meet the criteria for program admission.

In May and September of each year, the Intermediate Unit remedial specialist, in cooperation with the nonpublic school teachers and administrator requests referrals of students who may benefit from remediation. Screening/diagnostics are then completed and parental consent is obtained. The results of this testing determine which students meet the criteria for enrollment in the program. The remedial specialist then prescribes and conducts an individualized instructional program for each student enrolled. The remedial specialist determines the appropriate type and level of instruction. The frequency and length of the remedial instruction are determined by the unique needs of students, the schedule of the nonpublic school, and program resources.

The remedial specialist works with the classroom teacher, administrator, other appropriate school personnel, and parents to provide a program that directly supplements the regular school curriculum.

Remedial Philosophy

Individualized instructional goals and objectives are designed to promote students success and progress. The remedial specialist monitors student progress continuously. The successful attainment of individual goals and objectives results in the student’s departure from the remedial program. The student’s progress in his/her regular class is carefully monitored by the remedial specialist and classroom teachers to assure success.

If you suspect your child may need math or reading remediation, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or contact Dr. Ken Voss at the MCIU Office of Non-Public Services: (610) 755-9318.