A referral for Act 89 services can be made by a parent, teacher, principal, or any other person who is concerned about a student’s communication skills. Upon receiving a referral, the speech-language clinician will screen the child. If further testing is necessary, the clinician will request parental permission to do so. If, as a result of the testing, the student meets the eligibility criteria, he/she will be scheduled for therapy.

Speech-language clinicians work with students in individual, group, or classroom settings. Therapy is scheduled during school hours once or twice a week. Speech-language services using consultative models are also provided.

Some children eligible for speech services may be required to go to another nonpublic school to receive speech-language therapy.

Each professional travels to several schools during a work week. To contact the Act 89 program’s speech-language clinician you may leave a message with the student’s school or call the Intermediate Unit at 610-755-9325.

A good question to ask when deciding whether or not to refer a child to a speech-language professional for testing is “Is this child’s speech and language significantly different from other children of the same age?”