MCIU Student Services administers a variety of programs in Montgomery County designed to assist and improve the lives of students and youth in our community. With a goal of keeping you informed of the latest information pertaining to these programs, we offer a series of newsletters designed to highlight some of our programs.  If you would like to subscribe to one of our newsletters, please click below and fill out our form:

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Program-Specific Newsletters:


Transition Team Newsletter Winter 2020

Transition Program

Non Pub Notable News January

Non-Public School Services

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

ELA Newsletter Jan20 Page 1

ELA Classroom

Eastern County Courier Issue 2

Eastern County Classrooms


Central County Classrooms

Hearing Impairment

UMASD Classrooms

Pages From Anderson School Newsletter Dec And Jan 2020

Anderson School


OSS Insight:

Transition Program:

Non-Public School Services:

Mental Health Services:

ELA Classroom:

Eastern County Classrooms:

Central County Classrooms:

UMASD Classrooms:

Anderson School: