Application, Data, and Website Development

Utilizing an industry standard Software Development Cycle, MCIU can work with you and your staff to identify, design, and implement a custom solution specifically to meet your needs. Our development technologies include, but are not limited to, Microsoft and other open web technology (e.g. ASP/.Net, VB.Net, Microsoft SQL, PHP, MySQL, Access, and FileMaker). Whether you need a Content Management Solution or additional functionality to a third party solution, we can help. Please call us for a free consultation.

Application and Website Hosting

Through this service, MCIU will host your in-house developed applications, as well as third party systems. Remote administrator options are available to school database administrators to allow full remote control of databases. Query and report building services are also available at nominal rates. Due to the uniqueness of applications and systems, we will need to conduct an analysis of the systems in order to determine the most cost effective and efficient cost structure for your project.

Application, Data, and Website Support

Allow MCIU to provide you with the end user support you need. Our professional staff can be on call Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 4:00pm to provide the additional support you need for your applications, database, and websites. Please call for more information.

Data Audit & Analysis

MCIU’s data evaluation process is designed to assess the quality and effectiveness of data systems and how well they interact with each other. A final report is issued with specific recommendations on how to improve efficiency and quality of data. On-site evaluations are typically conducted over two days.

EZ Goal Tracker

EZGoalTracker is an easy to use web-based application that allows organizations to create, organize and track the progress of their strategic and individual goals. Through a simple and intuitive interface you can:

  • Tie individual goals to supervisor, departments, and/or organization’s strategic goals.
  • Routing which allows supervisors to review and approve/decline goals.
  • Email notification.
  • Integration into Active Directory.
  • Organize goals by customized goal types, school years, departments.
  • Create daily journal logs.
  • Create progress and time usage reports.
  • Tether electronic files to goals via our File Manager.
  • Calendar to track goals and tasks that can be exported to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Create collaborative goals that can be shared among multiple individuals.
  • Fully hosted solution with backup process included.

Call for more information.

Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice Services

Microsoft Lync is a robust communications suite that includes enterprise level VoIP, audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, polling, whiteboard, and presence. It can be adopted as a cost-effective replacement to your current phone system, conferencing solution, and synchronous online event system. MCIU can implement and host your Lync enterprise voice service, assist with an on-site implementation, or provide support & training to your Lync users. Call for more information.

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Moodle Service Plans

Moodle is an online learning management system. We offer hosting, support, training, and customizations. Local school districts will receive Moodle Basic services as part of their core contributions, but can enhance these services with the Moodle Plus service. We also feature affordable packages for small schools.


PowerSchool Student Information System

MCIU offers hosting, implementation, support, and training services for PowerSchool Student Information System. PowerSchool is a web-based information system that allows teachers and administrators to access critical functions from any computer. The web-based grade book tool allows teachers to create assignments, track grades, and keep attendance on-line. Administrators can easily access the school-specific and district-wide data to make timely and strategic decisions. A parent portal module keeps the parents up-to-date with all the information they need to help insure their child’s academic success.

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PowerSchool Services and Supports

MCIU staff has certified PowerSchool support specialists on staff to assist with your many LEA needs: Virtual Support, On-site Support or training, Service hosting and backups, customizations, State / PIMS reporting and scheduling support to name a few.

For more information on our services and supports being offered, please click on the following link:

PowerSchool Services and Supports


Virtual Locker

Virtual Locker is a web-based file manager which will turn your standard browser into a file explorer-like user interface. Key features:
  • It can be accessed via a browser from any computer with internet connection and allows you to access the files 24/7
  • It can tie into your Active Directory or any directory service for management of user accounts and permissions
  • Various permission levels (Full access, Read only, Write, etc.) can be set based on the user roles
  • Users can be grouped and managed as a group (ex. Students, Teachers, 8th grade Science Project)
  • Can set limits on size and type of files
  • When tied into the hosting, virus scanning, and backup plans offered by MCIU, it can replace the file servers that you have to manage
  • Easy web-based administration page
  • Fast response and easy user interface with different views (tree view, grid view, etc.)