PIMS Training

MCIU Data Services can provide a variety of PIMS trainings to help district employees improve their skills and understanding in the many areas of PIMS reporting. Example sessions include an Introduction to PIMS, understanding the PIMS manuals and calendars, uploading data to PIMS, collection-specific error resolution, and verifying submission data through COGNOS reports.

All trainings can be on site or at the IU and customized to District’s needs.


PIMS Consulting

MCIU Data Services can provide onsite, in-depth PIMS support that is customized to a district’s need, including training new PIMS administrators, configuring student information systems for PIMS reporting, and providing temporary coverage when PIMS administrators leave.


Excel Trainings

MCIU Data Services offers multiple levels of trainings designed to enhance the ability of district staff to check data using Microsoft Excel. Sample sessions and topics include:

  • Basic: Introduction to Excel, basic calculations and formulas
  • Intermediate: Importing and exporting CSV files, filtering and sorting, and intermediate-level formulas
  • Advanced: Creating and slicing pivot tables and charts, and pre-validating Data Quality Engine rules


Child Accounting Consulting

MCIU Data Services can provide consultative services with districts that are designed to facilitate the submission of child accounting data through PIMS. Sample services include training new district child accounting staff, child accounting rules and terminology, and submitting child accounting data to PIMS.


Child Count Consulting

MCIU Data Services can provide specialized consultative services with districts that are designed to facilitate the submission of special education submissions through PIMS/PennData. Sample services include an introduction to Child Count, student information system configuration, and collection-specific error resolution.


Data Quality Curriculum (DQC)

The MCIU hosts the face to face meeting that allows LEA staff access scheduled DQC tracks and specialty modules for our LEAs. For more information on the available DQC tracks and specialty modules please visit www.padqc.org. For information on the date of the next available DQC cohort please contact:


Data Quality Network, State Wide Video conference (DQN)

All are welcome to participate in the monthly DQN meetings. These meetings cover a diverse area of PIMS and data related subjects; we work in conjunction with PDE to cover PIMS collection specific topics. We provide data governance information. These state wide meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month 9:00 to 12:00 at MCIU. Please visit www.dataqualitynetwork.net for more information and to review the most recent agenda. If you would like to be added to the email list please contact:


Montgomery County Data Quality Network

To complement the DQN state wide meetings we host an afternoon local networking meeting on the third Wednesday of the month 1:00 to 4:00 at the IU. Topics discussed are provided by to the PIMS administrators and Data managers of our LEAs. Participants can share their issues and challenges with the group for feedback and discussion. Come learn from colleagues in the same boat as you.


PowerSchool SIS Services and Supports

MCIU offers hosting, implementation, support, and training services for the PowerSchool Student Information System. PowerSchool is a web-based information system that allows teachers and administrators to access critical functions from any computer. The web-based grade book tool allows teachers to create assignments, track grades, and keep attendance on-line. Administrators can easily access the school-specific and district-wide data to make timely and strategic decisions. A parent portal module keeps the parents up-to-date with all the information they need to help insure their child’s academic success.

For more info: http://www.mciu.org/mciu-powerschool-services-and-supports//



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