Frequently Asked Questions


What are Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits? 

These courses have been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for CPE credit and may be used to satisfy the educational requirements under the provisions of Act 48.

  • 24 out of the 24 credits needed for Permanent Certification can be CPE credits.
  • 18 out of the 36 credits needed for a Masters Equivalency can be CPE credits.
  • One CPE credit will be awarded for each 30 hours of instruction, completion of all assignments and successful demonstration of course competencies. Each CPE credit earns 30 Act 48 hours.
  • Published course times include instructional hours and break times. Each CPE credit requires 14 hours of which the participant spends “in class”. In addition, courses are designed so each credit requires participants to complete 16 hours of “out of class” course work in the form of assignments and the completion of a culminating project. These standards are established in accordance with PDE’s CPE requirements.
  • Participants must comply with PDE's policy of 100% attendance to earn credits. CPE credit is awarded on a pass/fail basis.
  • Courses may not be audited.
What is the difference between enrolling in a course for CPE credit or for graduate credit?

Course requirement are the same for CPE credit and graduate credit:

  • 100 % attendance
  • Satisfactory completion of all assignments
  • Successful demonstration of all course competencies

CPE courses are pass/fail and participants receive a Letter of Completion. Participants enrolling for graduate credit receive a letter grade and a grade report from Immaculata University.

If I decide that I need to change my credit type once I have registered, may I do so?

Students may change enrollment status from CPE credit to Immaculata graduate credit or from Immaculata graduate credit to CPE credit, up to five (5) business days after the start of the course. Participants must send a written request to Lisa Cullen at to request a change. The request must  be received in writing by the end of the fifth (5th) business day from the start of the course. This is the final opportunity for a change to occur.  Important Note: Please check with your school district's or employer's Human Resource Office to find out if they require actual graduate credits. If so, you must take the courses for Immaculata credits only.


How many credits are Continuing Professional Education courses?


of Credits
Instruction Hours
CPE Fee Graduate Fee
- if available
ACT 48Hours
1 14 16 30 $150 $300 30
2 28 32 60 $300 $600 60
3 42 48 90 $450 $900 90
How can I find out what courses are being offered through the MCIU?

Browse the MCIU Professional Learning catalog at . You can define your search by selecting Continuing Professional Education to view only CPE courses offerings.

What forms of payment may I use to register?
  • The Intermediate Unit accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
  • We will also accept personal checks and money orders but you must send your payment within 7 days.
  • Credit card and check payments are not processed until the first day of the CPE course.
How can I find out if there is space in a course or if a course has been cancelled?

When you register online, the system notes whether a course has been cancelled or is full. If you have already registered you will receive an email notification stating if the course has been canceled.

How will I be notified if a course is cancelled due to Inclement Weather?

Refer to to locate the most up to date listing of workshops and courses that are delayed or canceled due to inclement weather.

How can I get a receipt for a course I have taken?

You must wait until after the course has ended because payments are not processed until the course has begun. Once the course is over, to print a receipt:

  • Log in to your account at
  • If your district is an MLP district, click on My Portfolio. Then, click on the title of the activity. If you do not work for an MLP district, your course should be listed under My Courses. Click on the title of the activity.
  • Click the Print Receipt link to generate a printable copy of your receipt. 
How do I receive another CPE Letter of Completion? 

Click this link for a Request for CPE Letter of Completion form.  Follow the instructions on the form.  You will need the follow information to complete the form.

  • Your name (maiden name if applicable)
  • Current address
  • PPID number
  • Course name
  • Date of completion (you must include month and year)
  • Check payable to "MCIU" for $5.00 for each course Letter of Completion needed.
How do I receive an official transcript from Immaculata University?

Grade reports for credits taken through Immaculata University will be mailed to students when grades are received from the MCIU. A student may also obtain an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar. Telephone requests cannot be accepted. The fee is $5.00. Please go to; click on Academics, Registrar, Forms, “Transcript Request Form” and follow the directions.